The Euphoria of the Dying

Dying & Death Talk

Courtesy of TheCommonweal | By Jo McGowan | Originally Published 04.03.2017 | Posted 10.11.2017

In the United States we more or less expect that people will die in a hospital. That is quickly becoming the norm here in India too. But my mother-in-law, “Mummy,” wanted to die at home. And when you’re just a few months shy of a hundred years old, you aren’t afraid to say what you want. She told me often in the past few years how ready she was to go. No heroic measures, she said. Nothing invasive. “I don’t want to be a burden,” she insisted. Not wanting to be a burden is at the top of many elderly people’s list. For those who love them, it’s painful to hear. Burden us, we kept telling Mummy, it’s no problem! To her own list, I added one more item: no pain while dying.


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Thanatologist: Loss, Trauma, Crisis, Death, and Grief Educator - My blog is for educational purposes only. I am not a licensed professional counselor - Bachelor of Arts in Human Studies - Marylhurst University (2007) Certificate in Thanatology - Hood College (2008) Master of Arts in Thanatology - Hood College (2009) Certificate in Thanatology - The-Association for Death Education and Counseling (The highest level of loss and grief education). * Hospice, Alzheimer's and Senior's Advocate * Former first responder for Trauma Intervention Program, Inc. (TIP) * Former Hospice and Bereavement Volunteer for Providence Hospice Bereavement Program * Association for Death Education and Counseling Member * National Alliance for Bereavement of Children * Hood College Thanatology Association * American Group Psychotherapy Association * Hospice, Loss, Grief and Bereavement Researcher
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