Simply put, you matter; I care.

“In life and death everyone matters!” ~ Sue Diane Rosenbloom

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  1. Sue Lyons Rosenbloom says:

    Welcome to my ‘Loss, Grief, Bereavement and Life Transitions Resource Library’


    • Krystal says:

      There’s a terrific amount of knwoldege in this article!

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      • Edevan says:

        Wow. This is a topic that’s not alywas easy to talk about and you’ve done a fabulous job. I know this would help anyone going throughgrief. Sometimes, just knowing that it’s normal to be feeling some of these things helps.

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      • Auth says:

        As you know I have been fwiloolng your blog and Dave’s page for some time now. I just want you to know that it has helped me a great deal. This morning I lost an old friend I knew since junior high. He lived in an apartment on my property for years and was my all around handy man. Yesterday he came by with his daughter (who he has been living with for the last couple of months) and a couple of friends to take care of some stuff here and in storage in Elma. I honestly thought they were coming back so did not spend a lot of time talking to him. He was very frail and his end clearly near. This morning I got a call from his daughter that he had passed (while out in the garage in his wheelchair having a smoke). He had told me yesterday that he was going to try to get on hospice care and Dave immediately sprang to mind. Not sure exactly what I am trying to say other than fwiloolng you and Dave’s pages has somehow softened the blow. Thank you.

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