April 2013 Part 1

Remembering Jordyn

Having Jordyn home was great! One of Jordyn’s favorite shows was Yo Gabba Gabba. Whenever this show came on she was into it, she would smile and coo at the T.V. Thank God it was on Netflix because I was able to get things done around the house or able to rest for a little with the help of Yo Gabba Gabba. She always loved music and that show was all about music. I always sang to her even while I was pregnant and she loved music therapy also.

We had another visit from the home nurse. Jordyn was doing well but she needed to gain weight faster. The doctors said because her heart was working so hard it burned a lot of calories. She also vomited her milk and mucus often. I think because she struggle to breathe it affect her ability to keep her food down. She was…

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About Sue Rosenbloom, M.A., C.T.

Thanatologist: Loss and Grief Coach - My blog is for educational purposes only. I am not a licensed professional counselor - Bachelor of Arts in Human Studies - Marylhurst University (2007)- Certificate in Thanatology - Hood College (2008) Master of Arts in Thanatology - Hood College (2009) Certificate in Thanatology - The-Association for Death Education and Counseling (The highest level of loss and grief education). * Hospice, Alzheimers and Senior's Advocate * Former first responder for Trauma Intervention Program, Inc. (TIP) * Hospice and Bereavement Volunteer for Providence Hospice Bereavement Program * Association for Death Education and Counseling Member * National Alliance for Bereavement of Children * Hood College Thanatology Association * American Group Psychotherapy Association * Marylhurst Gerontolgy Association * Oregon Gerontology Association * Hospice, Loss, Grief and Bereavement Researcher * Creative Writer
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