Please Go Kiss Your Spouse While You Still Can! Sincerely, A Young Widow

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Some friends of mine have just celebrated their 7th Wedding Anniversary. Every time I see their beautiful wedding photo come across my newsfeed it feels like a punch to the gut. I’ve had many of my friends celebrate anniversaries, get engaged and even get married this year and it hasn’t affected me this way.

But this is a 7th Anniversary.

I lost Jon 28 days after we celebrated our 7th.

IMG_9168.JPG Our last selfie taken around our anniversary. We went to see the King and I to support a couple of our friends who were in the show.

Our 7th Anniversary is my biggest regret. See, I didn’t realize it then. But I’m pretty sure Jon had a minor heart attack that night. We were at Carrabba’s and Jon suddenly didn’t feel well. He excused himself and went to the restroom. He had done this more than once before so I…

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1 Response to Please Go Kiss Your Spouse While You Still Can! Sincerely, A Young Widow

  1. Great advice! Stop beating yourself up though… you honestly did not know if his complaining of not feeling well that night was a mild heart attack or not! You behaved and acted as many would have….
    The no health insurance thing is wrong on so many levels…..the USA is a big enough and wealthy enough country to provide basic healthcare to all its citizens.
    We have in Canada and yes we pay high taxes for it-but at least I can go to a hospital or clinic and be diagnosed and treated if needed. I might wait hours to be seen, but….
    I am sure you have many memories to share with your daughter, photos, and perhaps videos. Keep the memories alive. Cherish those.
    I am very sorry for your loss.


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